Digital Growth Accelerator Programme  


Why is this programme needed?

There is formula as to why some businesses generate quick and sustainable profits, and how those businesses attract the best, high-paying clients or customers in a given market place – whilst, at the same time other companies, in exactly the same markets, struggle with inconsistent revenues and attracting low paying customers.

The first and main difference between the two, is the ability of the more successful company to achieve a consistent flow of new customers, profitably.

Secondly, the main challenge for  many companies is their inability to scale or grow sales online beyond their existing revenues, often due to poor cashflow or insufficient ROAS.

We believe there are four main reasons as to why a business either runs out of cash or does not succeed. These are frequently;

  1. The business is not focussed on solving a specific problem for a specific group of people
  2. Without this focus the business cannot build scalable products or offers that sell consistently
  3. Product advertising and systems development without first having clarity in point 1) is ineffective
  4. The business does not fully understand advertising and has inability to scale with profitable cash-flows

Sometimes, whilst caught up in the running of the businesses, highly competent entrepreneurs and management teams don’t deliver high-impact offers that convert well, they end up communicating about product features and specifications and miss outcomes and results. Even experts in their business sometimes struggle to design scalable customer acquisition systems. Whilst concentrating on the day to day running of the business, management teams often struggle to manage multiple advertising platforms and find it difficult to keep up with fast-moving pace of digital ad tech and changing platform algorithms. Consequently, they can’t generate enough leads or the sales are too expensive.

Often businesses with good products and services do not generate sufficient cash-flow. Sales cycles are too long or pricing is too low and consequently there is necessity for outside funding or there is insufficient funds to grow.

A business needs, a consistent flow of profitable new customers. It also needs a complete set of skills i.e. marketing, sales, mindset, product development, finance and engineering. The bigger, more competitive and lucrative the market, the higher level of skills are required.

The aim of this programme is to fill the skills gap in sales, marketing and mindset, to enable a business to scale-up, profitably.

The objective is to support (not replace) the business founder(s) and management team. We’re not suggesting that businesses cannot succeed without this programme but we’re saying we can help to accelerate results.

Our mission is to empower businesses to ​take over​ as the dominant force in their market and scale in the channels that work best for them. We use our advertising, commercial experience and technical skills to help businesses grow and create exciting sales and marketing campaigns. 

Ultimately, we cannot guarantee or control the success of a business. Sometimes a business will grow exponentially, and it’s not always possible to attribute those results to us, however when a business does succeed it’s often the sum of its moving parts, the result of a TEAM effort where each man, (or woman) plays their part.

Anyway, based on the research and what we’ve seen that’s why we think this programme’s needed.

“Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.” – William Durant, Co-founder, General Motors

Who is the programme for?

The programme is for entrepreneurs and directors, looking to scale up.

Before an account is approved, we will only select clients where we feel we can achieve;

  1. Rapid results
  2. Scale
  3. Profitable growth

We choose our clients carefully – only those that we can genuinely help. Our ideal clients are disruptors, innovators and action takers.

What does the programme involve?

The programme designed to support (not replace) YOU the business founder(s) and management team. Again, we’re not suggesting that businesses cannot succeed without this programme but we’re saying we can help to accelerate and improve results.

You will learn more about our processes as we move along, but here is an overview of how our digital accelerator works;

During the first three months, at your request we will provide assistance with the following;

  • Identification of niche, creation of messaging and high-impact offer
  • Validation of business unit economics and marketing access channels
  • Scale up, campaign optimisation and increase sales


Advisory and Strategy

We will prioritise your needs to ensure the optimum use of time. We will focus on areas, which will give the greatest results with the least amount of resistance. After all, we want to create a cash-producing unit case in the quickest and most time-efficient way possible. 

We first we assist to dial in your niche (in a technical way) and then assist with the creation of a high-impact offer and sales messaging, with the aim to increase conversions. 

Higher market message resonance = higher conversions = lower marketing costs

We usually focus on one person, one problem and one market, and will review the product features and benefits used in your website and marketing communications.

Some of this time will be spent better understanding your business, working with you to make sure we fully understand any complexities of your organisation or existing marketing channels. Once we understand the full picture we can begin to work with you on strategy.

This may include conducting certain technical audits, offer or copy reviews, studying performance metrics, objectives, geo’s, KPI’s, goals, spreadsheets, targets and preferences, watching product demo’s and generally getting to know you. We will also consider the following data streams;

  1. Environment data – what is in the realm of possibilities – current technologies, trends, active forces, and winds blowing in an environment.
  2. Customer data – activities the customer is trying to do or doing, the path they are on, and the specific forces which are acting on them.

We will look at how your offer is communicated to your ideal audience, who exactly is your audience and how you hone your copy, words, narrative and messaging to reach out and secure their trust. We will also carry out benchmarking and analysis against your competition.  

We will definitely consider the pricing of the offer, overall performance goal and the urgent problems that can be solved.

It is this level of diligence, skill and expertise we have that sets us apart and how we achieve results.

In simple terms, there is around 2.4 billion people using the internet and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that most clients could generate an additional six figures monthly with the right strategy, offer and messaging. 

Once we have the offer and messaging, then we work on the business unit economics guided by capital efficiency. We look for the golden ratio’s, (the numbers on the spreadsheet) that will make the business work. There is no greater power than the entrepreneurs’ ability to spend money on advertising and generate revenue on the back-end and this is how we will project and measure the business return on advertising spend, which will enable us to scale.

By the end of the first month will will assist you, with the aim to achieve;

  1. Clarity
  2. A compelling offer
  3. Identification of niche and spreadsheet of such
  4. Business unit economics and spreadsheet report including desired conversion rates and performance metrics
  5. A written goal, including the numbers of customers required and how much a customer spends
  6. Creation of the sales pitch, benefits and problems to be solved

Since, the above will not be possible without confidence and the correct mindset we are also here to help, and to to provide support to assist you with any internal operational challenges or boardroom debates.

From experience, we found how leaders think about their business, economics, value and service, makes a massive difference to the business success. Our goal here is to remove any self-limiting beliefs and align mindset so that the business may transform from its current state to your desired state.

Darwin: “It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent of the species that survives, it’s the one most adaptable to change”.

Growth, accountability and performance

If your business is a start-up, we need to get you to £50k/ month. At £50k/ month, our aim is to help you reach £150k/month. And if you’re at £150k/month we want to help you achieve £500k/ month, and so on. With the right strategy we believe it’s possible for most businesses to achieve +£1M ARR within 6-12 months, without external funding. 

aweak person in a strong environment, will beat the strong person in a weak environment.”

By strong environment, we mean a place where you are challenged, where your business is forced to grow, and where you cannot remain in your comfort zone, and justify it, because we’re supporting you to achieve more.


Market Access Channels and Scalable Systems

By now, we will have decided on which customers we want to acquire and now it’s time to decide how to reach them. Depending on the value of a customer, and how many we need to acquire we will prioritise the marketing access channels.

Marketing A High-Impact Offer

Before money is spent on advertising (or a hyper organic strategy) we prefer to be sure that the market-message resonance is good AND that the pricing of the delivery mechanism is acceptable to that market. For existing products, we likely have this data but for any new product(s) this may not be the case. This means if necessary, sales outreach and sales calls should be conducted in order to gain the necessary feedback and evidence that the product-market-fit, offer and pricing is right. We should also be sure that the product can actually deliver what the sales message assures and that (at least) 80% of customers would be happy with results, (since the customer testimonials and case studies will accelerate future marketing.)

Advertising is arguably the single most important part of a business, (since its the vehicle that drives new customers and without customers there is no business). So, once we are comfortable that we have a strong proposition we can next plan, execute and validate the advertising and marketing access channels.

Access channels are important, for example;

An eCommerce store spends $10,000 on Google Adwords, and gets 100 sales. Cost per sale $100. The same eCommerce store spends $10,000 on Facebook, he gets 150 sales. Cost per sale $66.

The product remains constant but there is a clear difference in the economics of the market access channel.

In a B2B example;

A client sponsors a trade show. He spends £20,000 on a stand, graphics, promo staff, hotels etc. He gets 200 leads and 1 sale. Cost per sale £20,000. 1 month later he does the same again, now he has 2 clients/ £40k spent, Cost per sale £20,000.

The same client decides to do digital marketing. He spends £12,000 on a website funnel, consultancy, press releases, creatives and £8,000 on traffic. He gets 400 leads/ 2 sales. 1 month later the he spends another £8,000 on traffic. He now has 4 sales and spent £28,000. Cost per sale £7,000.

Scalable Systems

Before one can advertise, one needs a scalable system. That is a system that converts cold prospects/ cold traffic into product explanations (sales calls or demos) and subsequently into high-value paying customers.

One of the great phenomena in advertising today is the invention of the funnel. Not an online brochure, but a sales tool, that guides a prospect to reach a desired conclusion. We will work with you/ your developers to build a high-converting sales funnel, flow chart and retargeting sequence that converts clicks to leads. If necessary, we have digital branding and development resources so if required we can also take care of this for you. For B2B once you have the leads then its down to the sales script and sales person to close the deal. For this part we have a world-class sales closer on hand to assist with the process, since we like to see the chips fly. For B2C everything is about the performance metrics; the CPC, Conversion Rate, Basket value and ROAS needed to scale.

We will also work with you to develop high converting ad copy, ads in different formats, copywriting and full on video production, if needed. We’ll also consider press and editorial coverage, and testimonials. Next comes the technical. If needed, working together to implement tracking codes, set up ad campaigns, feedback loops, integrate new software platforms, DSP’s and whatever else is needed to run an efficient ad campaign or outreach strategy.

Traffic and Sales

Switch Performance is a digital marketing business, we are able to co-ordinate, execute and manage multi-channel digital marketing campaigns. We work with you to build the systems and then we can provide the traffic, or we can help your existing team execute and optimise. For most, when it comes to paid advertising, this will involve one or more of the following traffic sources;

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Google
  3. Native Ads
  4. Display / mobile in-app
  5. Linkedin
  6. Email

As we look to the future we see increasing competition in Linkedin, Google and Facebook which results in rising media costs, and challenges of changing algorithms. So, we have acquired a programmatic native advertising platform, which enables advertisers to reach across the world’s top media publications, (think Yahoo, Bloomberg, Forbes) and also across over 50 supply side platforms. Using AI to improve efficiencies, the potential of this access channel is to achieve much lower traffic costs and escape those walled gardens, but perhaps more importantly is the possibility of finding exponential growth and engaging customers with content, in the content channel.

Once the traffic is flowing, B2B sellers it’s possible to sign up between 10% and 20% of quality booked appointments, maybe even more. The process is simple enough: you get people interested in what you’re selling, you get them to book phone conversations — and you sell them on the phone IF you can truly help them. B2C’s can scale with their click funnels or Shopify stores.

By the end of the second month, together we should have assisted with the development of;

  1. The most appropriate market access channel(s)
  2. A high-impact sales offer and marketing strategy
  3. Business economics at a unit and access channel level
  4. Building an effective lead generation or eCommerce sales system
  5. Validation of the foremost market access channel and the sales pitch


Scale Up

Provided that we have successfully validated the market access channel, then it is a question to increase traffic and replicate sales process at scale. This could mean hiring additional commission reps, SDR’s or BDR’s, increasing account management and customer support resources, as well as turning up the traffic to make it rain!

However, if we have been unable to validate the access channel in Stage 2, then we must quickly revert to stage 1, cycle through the process and choose a different access channel or ensure the access channel is working before we scale up. We do not want any leaky buckets.

Assuming we’re good to go, then we scale up traffic. There is a continuous optimisation process, we have tuned the engine but now we must maintain it. This means living in the data, teasing algorithms, optimising audiences, refreshing creatives and expanding channels.

It’s a beautiful thing to see all the hard work paying off and an offer performing. The lead generation is working and the success can be found. Customers grow, news will spend and revenues increase. We’ve seen it, we’ve done, we’ve experienced it.

So here’s a reminder of the sheer volumes of customers we’ve delivered for others, just to confirm our authority when it comes to acquisition and scale up, we’ve been there. This list is not exhaustive.

Powergen – over 250,000 domestic acquisitions
Npower – 10,000 B2B acquisitions in 6 months
Talk Talk – 30,000+ sign ups in 12 months
Ladbrokes – 20,000 FTD’s in 12 months
Tele2 – 30,000+ B2B contracts in 6 months
Karamba – over 2,000 FTD’s in 6 months
Texaco – over 17,000 B2B acquisitions
Northern electric – 60,000 domestic acquisitions
Coral sports – over 1,000 FTD’s in 4 weeks
Gala Bingo – 2,500 FTD’s in 6 months
Leadstream – 10,000 acquisitions in 12 months
Quick Credit Score – 120,000 acquisitions in 6 months
Rewards First – 5,000 acquisitions in 6 months
Broadway Gaming – 2k acquisitions in 3 months
Bet Fred – 1,000 acquisitions in 2 months
Lottoland – 3,500 acquisitions in 3 months
Betway – 1,000 acquisitions in 3 months
Calortex – 750,000 acquisitions in 24 months

The digital accelerator programme, was designed by Gary Collins, Agency Director in collaboration with the London Growth Hub.

The track record of the agency, has 25 years experience in performance marketing and more than 100 digital marketing clients, including EON, Npower, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Tele2, Three, The Carphone Warehouse, Texaco, Home Away and many others, generating more than 1.5M acquisition and over $100,000,000 worth of sales for clients. He has grown multiple high-turnover agencies and supported by his consulting team, having successfully completed exits, this combines the highest level of advertising experience and every marketing function.

Summary of timeline

Typical timelines for business transformation is 3-6 months.​ We move quickly because there is no reason for you to remain stuck longer than you ​have to​. Generally, we hope to achieve;

  • Month 1 – advisory, strategy and economics
  • Month 2 – building a scalable systems and validation of advertising channels
  • Month 3 – scale up

The next step, if you’re ready….

So there you have it, it’s possible to quickly scale-up a high-performing sales channel that generates a consistent flow of high-value customers, profitably, provided you have laser focussed messaging, scalable systems and highly targeted traffic.

If there’s a good fit, and you’re accepted to the growth accelerator you will have access to our team of six expert business advisors and our pool of marketing resources with the right support to help you achieve your goals, add a few million to your net worth and grow your business venture with outstanding profitability!




None of the above represents a legally binding contract, formal offer or contract of any sort. The above is purely a guideline, example and illustration of a process that could be followed and some results that could be achieved. Switch Performance makes no warranty whatsoever as to the performance of any advisory services or traffic supplied, and in no circumstances shall be held liability for such. Nothing here constitutes any partnership or promise. The performance of any business or client is entirely down to the individual business or client for which Switch Performance has no control and accepts no liability whatsoever.

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