Omni-channel Web, Call Centre
and Live Chat Agent Solutions

Full Customer Life Cycle Management

Full Customer Life Cycle Management

Leverage 25 years of outsourcing and BPO experience, providing customer acquisition and inbound customer support.

Leverage 25+ years of outsourcing and BPO experience, providing QA, sales acquisition and customer support

Omni-channel live API feed, lead generation, voice and non-voice customer engagement solutions

Call centre and live agent teams, trusted by major brands

Since 1996 we have been entrusted to provide customised BPO solutions for some of the world's most valuable brands.

> Telesales and telemarkting

> Lead generation

> Customer acquisition

> Customer billing support

> Debt collection

> Quality assurance

An investment in our customised BPO solutions is a flexible, scalable partnership; that works hard for your business.

> Telesales and telemarkting

> Lead generation

> Customer acquisition

> Customer billing support

> Debt collection

World-Class Contact Centre and Customer Service Excellence

Quality assurance, sales and customer support. An established 1,800 seat offshore facility based in South Africa, solving the challenges of cost efficiency, for brands looking for scale. Pioneers of energy deregulation since 1996, with a results driven approach under-pinned by a proven track record and DNA in customer acquisition and management. We provide the people, infrastructure and technology to drive sales and retain profitable, satisfied customers.


A cross-functional team with secure infrastructure, regulated payment gateway and data management systems

Cross-functional team with secure infrastructure, regulated payment gateway and data management

Customised BPO Solutions

One of South Africa's oldest and most established BPO facilities, providing inbound and outbound contact services

Quality Assurance

Call recording, score card and trend analysis. QA cost reduction for better decision making and improved customer satisfaction.

Sales and Marketing

Outbound telemarketing, cross-sell and retention. Over 58m leads delivered to date, lower operational costs and improved sales performance.

Customer Support

Voice and non-voice approach, omni-channel customer engagement and lifecycle management, for increased customer loyalty.

Brands are choosing to outsource in South Africa in order increase cost efficiency and improve their reputation.

> Loyal, educated and committed labour resource

> Improved response times, especially during Covid-19

> Experienced UK management teams and established process

Join the 100+ brands we've worked with

ROI Focussed Marketing Agency and Call Centre Outsourcing

"Switch Performance is an excellent partner, actually moving the needle on results. I absolutely see them as an essential partner for any Facebook Ads campaign".
Hilary Leigh
eCommerce brand owner
"Thank you so much for your kind attention, I'm so happy with the results delivered by your team, I thoroughly recommend working with Switch"
Julie Read
Head of acquisition
""Switch Performance quickly understood my requirements and delivered outstanding customer service, highly recommend" .
iGaming Media Buyer
"Im always hesitant at first trying a new partner, but I'm glad I put my faith in your service, the attention to detail and knowledge far exceeded my expectations"
Jillie Tempest
Brand manager

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