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OTTY is an award winning mattress brand and eCommerce retailer, revolutionising the sleep and bedding industry. Otty wanted to scale up their eCommerce sales whilst reducing CPA.


Identified New Audiences

Analysed data-insights and consumer behaviour patters

CPA -37%

Deployed more effective targeting strategies

Increased Conversion +23%

Creation of high-converting sales messaging

re-Engaged Lost Sales

Implemented re-targeting and CRM optimisation


"Prior to this Otty was reliant upon traditional digital marketing channels. The new system allowed us to open new media and expand our reach beyond people who were simply searching for new mattresses. We were able to maintain a strong ROI and now looking to expand further.
- Andrew J, CEO, Otty

Data-Science and Audiences
Drive Higher Conversion Rates.

Switch Performance utilized its' proprietary data-enrichment platform to highlight new audiences and create messaging that drives higher conversion rates.

Our data-insights assist organisations to understand multiple data attributes, such as where your customers like to shop, when they are most likely to purchase and which kind of messaging attract the most valuable customers. The result is reduces media costs, decreasing CPA and achieving higher transaction values, further leveraging your first- party data to increase sales and optimise value.

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