Asset requirements – Native Advertising

  • URL – The URL you want to promote or a click-through URL.
  • Ad Title – The title for your ad. Up to 90 characters (except on Yahoo, where the limit is 50 characters).
  • Image – At least 300√ó300 pixels; 1200√ó628 recommended¬†(but no more than 10000×10000 pixels and 10MB in size). The DSP maintains the aspect ratio for the image.
  • Image crop – Inside the platform we can crop your images based on specific pixel coordinates. The cropping options are: center, faces, entropy, left, right, top, bottom.
  • Description – The description will typically be shown alongside ads with larger formats. Up to 150 characters.
  • Display URL – Display URL is sometimes shown as part of your ad, eg. your Up to 35 characters.
  • Brand name – Up to 25 characters.
  • Call to action – Use the most appropriate call to action for your ad – you can choose from several options or think of your own call to action. Up to 25 characters.
  • Label (optional)¬† – An internal field and not part of the ad placement. It can be used to “tag” your content ads and is useful for reports. Up to 256 characters.
  • Tracking (optional) – Paste your impression tracker URL to track impressions. You can add up to two impression trackers – a primary and a secondary one.¬†Not all media sources support impression tracking.¬†Impression trackers must be hosted securely (https), URL only (no tags) and must be pointing to a 1×1 pixel image (no JavaScript).

All the fields (except Label and Tracking) are required in order to meet the various requirements of different media sources.

Creating ad titles

  • Include your brand name in the headline to drive brand recognition and increase engagement
  • Use approximately 6 words or 50 characters in a headline to improve click-through-rates. Titles longer than 50 characters may not be accepted by all networks and can lead to a decrease in performance.
  • Use casual but emotive language that is understandable for readers of all levels and provokes an emotional response (“That’s interesting, I’d like to learn more!”).
  • We recommend using title style (Capitalize Words In The Title)

Selecting the right image

  • People-based images generally perform better than images of products or places
  • Avoid adding text to images. Some networks tend to reject images with included text.
  • We recommend using HQ images, at least 1200×628 pixels. The minimum required image for a content ad is 300×300 pixels.

Crafting unique ad descriptions

  • We recommend using different descriptions for each content ad (up to 140 characters). Each description can be added into the CSV upload file or updated within the content management system during the upload process.