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We create campaigns that connect brands with their target audience.

Positioning Market Leaders

Positioning Market Leaders

At Switch Performance, we enable FinTech, blockchain and technology firms to build trust, influence markets, fuel investment and generate growth, through the process of strategy innovation, industry recognition and world class media activation.

"We care about making radical impact, and adding tens or hundreds of millions to our clients' net worth."

Media Collaborations

Build trust and credibility through top media publications

Narrative Creation

Enhance value and differentiate through content creation

Sales Activation

Prospect outreach, social media management and industry events

Growth Marketing

Brand awareness, performance marketing and user acquisition

Our Clients Collaborate with World Class Media

Our Clients Collaborate with World Class Media

Partnerships that Impact Sales and Valuations

Partnerships that Impact Sales and Valuations

With Switch Performance you have the perfect solution to guarantee results. We offer investor relations, PR, content, narrative and brand communications, which build trust, fuel investment and drive business growth. As a full service agency we combine world class PR with proven digital marketing techniques to create long lasting partnerships, impact valuations and bottom line.

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