Programmatic native DSP, powered by AI

30+ Native Ad Formats, 50+ Ad Exchanges

  • Integration is non-interruptive and value enhancing
  • Styles include related content grid, news feed, content stream, in-feed video, sponsored posts, content feed
  • Ad units follow the natural flow of the page
  • Fully transparent media planning
  • Full programmatic optimisation to post-click indicators such as CPL, CPA, CPI

Video Performance

Average desktop video performances:

  • CPM – $0.45
  • CPC – $0.27
  • CPV – $0.01
  • CPCV – $0.02
  • CTR ‚Äď 0.16%

Native Content Units

  • Headlines yield 308X more time of consumer attention than stand alone images or banners*
  • Content headlines reach users in the moment of “what next?” increasing intent and engagement
  • Platform delivering¬†475% higher CTRs than display (avg. 0.08%). Platform Average CTR 0.7%*
  • Actionable post-click engagement optimisations
  • Average global statistics reported via Outbrain RTB 2019. CPC $0.074. CPM $0.35.

Global Reach

30 Billion Daily Native Auctions

  • Uses advertisers own first party analytics (Google Analytics, Adobe Site Catalysts, Floodlight Tags)
  • Autopilot analyzes each ad impression every nano-second and calculates its’ ability to contribute toward the pre-determined campaign goals using 200+ attributes.

Optimisation On Autopilot

Our platform autopilot optimizes bid prices and source budget allocation based on custom, user-defined KPIs.

The system integrates via API with leading analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics to leverage engagement data to power its’ industry leading algorithm and optimize around engagement.

Optimisation Tactics

Features leveraged for campaign performance include:

  • CPA Optimisation – allocates more budget to publishers driving best conversion rates
  • Budget Optimisation – automatically distributes budget to ad groups driving maximum impact and ROI
  • Placement Targeting – targets either mobile website or in-app traffic
  • Publisher Blacklisting – eliminates publisher sites that aren‚Äôt reaching client‚Äôs campaign goal
  • Bid modifiers – manually sets higher or lower bids on a specific or publisher site¬†
  • Two-step conversion –¬†e.g. app install and taxi booking

Capabilities and Elements

Creative Types:

  • Landing Pages
  • App Promotion
  • In-Feed Video
  • Blogs
  • Earned Media

AI Goal Optimization:

  • CTR
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time on Site
  • Page Views

Advanced Targeting:

  • Network
  • Publisher
  • Audience
  • Geo¬†
  • Demo

Audience Management:

  • Re-marketing
  • Sequencing
  • Lookalikes
  • Cross-channel re-marketing
  • Custom Audiences
  • 1st & 3rd party data

Transparent Reporting:

  • Network
  • Publisher
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Data costs


  • Access subject to MSA
  • System enables unified content library
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Campaign flight automation
  • BlueKai audience targeting¬†allows you to target¬†audience segments offered by BlueKai DMP, this is done by enabling BlueKai audience targeting in your ad groups.¬†Audiences and look-a-likes within the DSP platform are built using cookie data
  • Dynamic titles¬†allow you to use specific macros in your ad titles which expand according to the location and the day of the week of the ad impression.¬†A dynamic ad feed is possible, and even dynamic marketing by¬†product page, subject to minimum spend.
  • Tracking¬†parameters, macros and conversion goals are covered in account on-boarding.

Efficiencies of AI

  • Increased buying efficiency
  • Reported average reduction in CPC’s/ CPM of -70%.
  • Statistics taken from Outbrain RTB across 11 major exchanges.

Group Buying Power

  • Our technology is provided by a third party software provider
  • Group buying power offers additional media and platform savings up to 25%
  • Product demonstration is available on request, subject to our discretion

Self-Serve or Fully Managed Service

  • Depending on media spend and availability we can provide a fully managed service
  • Minimum spend for a managed account is ‚ā¨15,000
  • We are not currently accepting advertisers below ‚ā¨10,000 minimum spend/ 30 days.


Comparison stats taken from OutbrainRTB.

  • Access to CPC/ CPM buying – optimise towards CTR achieving CPCs up to 80% lower than other DSPs.
  • Plugin via API your GA or Adobe and optimise towards KPI’s e.g. page views, bounce rate, CPI, CPL, CPA.
  • Full range of programmatic formats in the industry, (other DSP’s often only giving access to 30% of formats).
  • Fully transparent platform – you can see where you are spending your budgets at every single level
  • See CPCs/CPMs you are paying on every SSP and Publishers, fully transparent inventory planning

  • Auto-pilot¬†optimises towards your campaign goal. So you can track timeline of optimisations.
  • White list and black list SSPs and publishers
  • Single creative upload, plug in any DMP to use your first party data.
SSP view report –¬†track every SSP/ AdExchange live on your campaign, customise columns based on your KPIs and see every single CPC on each SSP. Arguably, the best predictive algorithm in the industry.


Capacity to drive volume, but perhaps more importantly, ability to identify and attract the most valuable customers.  
Our¬†DNA is performance. This has allowed brands to pilot campaigns according to post-click indicators (e.g. CPL, CPA, App Install and Engage) using our unique feature of first party analytics integration. Our platform is outperforming others and has increased acquisitions by 50% month over month for some clients – some saying our DSP “is the cheapest source of downloads and most efficient in terms of CPE‚ÄĚ.¬†

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