Advertiser Protection Against Fraudulent Inventory

With Switch Performance you have a multi-layered system to avoid buying inventory that is at risk of fraud.

Quality Networks

As a content promotion platform, Switch brings programmatic to native-content advertising. Our first step to ensure quality traffic is to integrate with quality networks and exchanges, including industry leaders such as Yahoo!, Outbrain, AdsNative and over 30 others.


The Switch platform partners with Distil Networks, a leader in ad fraud protection to take the next step in ensuring bad actors don’t play a role in our clients’ content campaigns. All impressions through the Switch platform pass through Distil’s IP blacklist and multiple real-time mechanisms that identify suspicious activity.

The Switch platform also participates in the Trustworthy Accountability Group Anti-Fraud Working Group. The TAG Working Group develops standards, protocols and technologies to help those in the digital supply chain that identify fraudulent ad traffic, and support reputable companies not associated with fraud.

The Switch platform has been certified for the Facebook Atlas Measurement & Attribution Platform. If you are currently using Atlas, you can now choose our platform as a destination for your tags. This means that generated tags will work in our platform without a need to do anything else.

Proprietary Technology

Switch utilizes co-visitation graph analysis to identify bad publishers and active botnets, block server-farm traffic, impression and click trail analysis, and analysis of post-click data gathered when the user lands on the advertiser’s page. 

We can also support anti-fraud provider pixels of your choice (Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify, etc.). In these cases, Switch can display any additional fixed-CPM cost in the dashboard, so advertisers can see all campaign fees in one place.